Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SimplyLinking?
SimplyLinking is software created for webmasters that would like to find link partners fast. We give you the tools to search for link partners.
2. How long does it take for my account to be approved?
Accounts are generally approved within 1-2 weeks. Premium accounts are approved within 1-2 days.
3. How do I edit my personal information?
To edit your personal information, please login and click “Profile.”
4. How do I edit my website information?
To edit your website information, login, click “My Websites” and click “Modify” next to the website that you would like to modify the information for.
5. I am receiving too many unlrelated link requests. What should I do?
Login, click “Category Permissions” and uncheck the categories you do not wish to receive link requests from.
6. I have not received my account activation email. What should I do?
Login to your account, click “Profile” on the left side. Please make sure that your email address is entered correctly. If not, enter the correct email and click “Resend Activation Email.”
7. How many link requests am I allowed?
Limited members are able to send out 5 link requests a day. Premium members can send unlimited link requests.
8. Can I manage multiple websites from one account?
Yes, you can manage multiple websites from one UserID.
9. How do I turn off email notifications?
Login, click “Preferences,” dropdown on the “Email Notifications” dropdown and select “Off.”
10. What if a webmaster removes the link to my website one week later?
Our automated link checker checks if your link partners are still linked to you once every 2 weeks. You can view a summary by logging in and clicking “Reciprocal Link Checker.”
11. How do I modify my website URL?
Members can not modify a website URL. You must submit another website.
12. I placed a link to a website but SimplyLinking cant find the link on the specified links page?
This can happen for a few reason. If ou have frames, you must specify the exact page of the links page and not the URL of the framed page. Also, if you rollover the website and it shows a URL other than the other websites URL, this means that the link may have been created with an automated software. No redirections are allowed.
13. How do I cancel my account?
To cancel your account, please contact us.
14. Do my link exchange requests expire?
A webmaster has 60 days to agree on a link. If no response is given within 60 days, the request is automatically moved to your delete queue. If a link has been agreed upon, but any one website has not placed the link on their site (60 days after the inital link request), the link request is moved into the deleted queue.
15. What are the costs?
Users are able to have a premium or limited account. If the user choses to pay at signup, the cost is $32.99. If the user does not pay on signup, the cost is $39.99. Each additional upgraded site is $39.99.
16. What should I do if my website was disapproved?
Login to SimplyLinking, click “My Websites” and click “Modify” next to your site. You will see why your website was disapproved. Correct the errors on this page and submit. Your website will be re-submitted into the approval queue.
17. Why is my pagerank incorrect in SimplyLinking?
Pagerank is updated once every 2 weeks.